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Pyrenean mastiff and owner


I love the Pyrenean Mastiff because once you earn their love and devotion they are by your side no matter what. Nothing is more valuable than the respect of such a powerful animal dedicated to you and standing by your side. They don't always make it easy with their independent thinking but it is definitely a mutual bond that is difficult to break.

Pyrenean Mastiff looking at friend


I love the Pyrenean Mastiff because of their ability to be gentle giants and fierce protectors. They are very observant and go from gentle to fierce quickly if they deem something a threat, like many LGDs, but the PM can also go from fierce to gentle when the threat is deemed a friend. Overall, this breed is one that is so versatile and attentive that it's difficult for anyone they meet, who is a friend, to not fall in love with them.

More Love Than You Can Imagine


The Pyrenean Mastiff is truly an amazing breed of dog. I cannot attest to their skills as a LGD, but I can
attest to their loving nature as a companion dog. I had done so much research and after previously
owning a Great Pyrenees, I knew the PM would be more suited for my needs. I wanted a giant breed
dog, one that is loving, but yet a guardian dog as well. After all my research, I decided on the PM. They
are extremely in tune with your energy and feelings. After having Nikolai for several months there was
one day that I was crying and upset. I was in a completely different room from him. But, he heard me
crying and came into the room, got up next to me, looked me in the eye, saw my tears streaming down
my face and proceeded to lick all the tears away. He then took his head and snuggled into me putting
his weight against my body. The best bear hug I could have asked for. I appreciated more than ever
having him as my therapy dog even though he had never been trained as such.
He is also a guard dog; he does not growl or is outwardly loud about his protectiveness. It’s quite low
key. If I am in the company of a person he does not know, he will always position himself between me
and the other person.
Nikolai makes friends wherever he goes. He absolutely loves children and is so good with them. They
can walk up to him, pet him, hug him and he just enjoys it. You could see the smile on his face.
They are extremely gentle and exceptionally sweet! Their intelligence allows them to read situations
and know how to respond instinctively. I cannot talk highly enough about this breed.


Simply the way she loves us, incredible ❤️


Loving Guardian

We allow camping on our farm property.  The other day I was doing a meet/greet with new camper and introduced them to Chewie and explained his role on the farm. While we were talking we both heard coyotes howling in the background.  Chewie head was suddenly alert and listening, the tail was up and off he ran in the direction of the coyotes.  It was so cool for someone to see our PM in action.  Later on the camper told us how Chewie visited their campsite regularly and they were in awe and felt so safe and protected knowing he was on patrol.


Their gentle temperament and fierce loyalty to their family!


Awe Inspiring and Incredible

I love PMs because they are so gentle. Their sweet nature shines through to everyone they meet. They have a way of making special connections with everyone—it’s like they are love transmitters. They are wicked smart, always thinking, but always ready to play and act like goofballs. Their personalities have such an interesting and engaging mix of traits that form the foundation of a dog breed that is nothing less than awe inspiring and incredible. I sometimes have to pinch myself because I am lucky enough to be owned by two of them.


Amazing Breed

They are independent thinkers, incredibly loyal and empathetic. Great with people and dogs large and small.  For a dog of this size and strength they have been surprisingly easy to manage, even for a smallish senior.  Amazing breed.

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