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Dear enthusiasts of the Pyrenean Mastiff in the United States of America
It's been a long time since the very first Pyrenean Mastiif arrived to America. In all this time many positive things have been done for the benefit of our dear beloved breed.
Now is the time to move forward one more step: its official recognition by the AKC.
A very important step that, however, you should not think it is gonna be easy. Just the oposite: it is going to be difficult, hard and long.
It is a goal that you must face with enthusiasm, passion and solidarity with each other. Also with the necessary intelligence to overcome the obstacles you are going to find on the way.
 I know very well the AKC world and I have some good friends there. I have been judging several times in their shows and I know very well that their shows are quite different from those that take place in Europe.
However, to be recognized by AKC is very important, I would say fundamental, for the future of our Pyrenean Mastiff in America.
You have all my support, help and sympathy for this project that you are initiating now.
 All of you.
Each and every one, without discriminating against anyone because all of you are going to be necessary if you really want to achieve that important target.
Remember: the Pyrenean Mastiiff is my Dear Beloved Son.
Take a lot of care of it because our dogs deserve it as well as everyone of you do.
I send you my most sincere and warmest regards to every Pyrenean Mastiff american lover.
Always yours
Rafael Malo Alcrudo

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