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Pyrenean Mastiff Association welcomes anyone to our club whether you are a Breeder, owner, enthusiast, want to learn more doesn't matter we are here to create a wonderful community of people who love or have interest in the breed and be a pillar of support.

Each membership has different sponsor requirements. However if you do not know anyone in the club you can choose "Associate" which does not require sponsors for the first year to allow you to meet members and begin networking. Our sponsor requirements are only to ensure we protect the community we are working to build. To see our public member list click here.

*Please note, the application fee is only to process the application and does not guarantee membership. Members per the Bylaws can protest applicants during the 15 day hold period*

To view Membership type information click below

  • Apply for Membership

    One time Application Fee, Dues paid after 15 day hold
    • Access to exclusive seminars/webinars
    • Network with other Pyrenean Mastiff Owners
    • Breeders are given Sponsorship upon Approval
    • Voting rights for certain membership
    • Be able to hold office for certain memberships
Apply for Membership: PaidPlans
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