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The PM in Ukraine and Japan

Did you know? Some History on the Pyrenean Mastiff in Japan and Ukraine. I am putting them together because their history info is on the shorter side.

Ukraine: Viktoria Suhorukova was the first breeder in Ukraine. The dogs she owned are Madrid Bohemia Vampirelli a Czech import to Ukraine and Txarini Rustic de Saigola a Spanish import to Ukraine. A litter of 5 was born in 2018 marking the first litter of Pyrenean Mastiffs born in Ukraine. 3 of the offspring came to the US, 1 went to Poland and 1 stayed with Viktoria. As of today Txarini Rustic de Saigola and Madrid Bohemia Vampirelli are grandparents to 2 litters.

Japan: Oike Hiroshi was the first Pyrenean Mastiff breeder in Japan as well as first to import the breed to Japan. His kennel name was Sol Naciente, he established at the time the CMPE Japan Chapter in 2003. Mr. Hiroshi is no longer a breeder or Pyrenean Mastiff owner. Not long after Yukari Ota became the second breeder in Japan with the kennel Greatest Bach having their first Pyrenean Mastiff litter in 2007. Now Minako Hara continues with the breed efforts in Japan and continues to show the breed at dogs shows etc. Pictures include details! More to come.

Diana de Sol Naciente photo credit Oike Hiroshi

Bless of the Greatest Bach photo credit Oike Hiroshi

Txarini Rustic de Saigola owned by and photo credit Viktoria Suhorukova

Madrid Bohemia Vampirelli owned by and photo credit Viktoria Suhorukova

First litter born in Ukraine - photo credit Viktoria Suhorukova

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