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The PM in Russia

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Did you know? Here is some history on the Pyrenean Mastiff in Russia. The first kennel to kick off in Russia was located in the Moscow region. The kennel was "Amanauz" and they produced the first litter in Russia on June 22, 2007. Kennel Amanauz had an additional litter in 2011. Two of their breeding dogs were Tala Reza a Polish to Russian import and Andor Straznicy Tybetu also a Polish to Russian Import. From the 2007 litter a male by the name of Tano Godsend was produced and sold to a kennel called Star Shaine in Yekaterinburg. Less than a handful of litters were produced by Star Shaine and of those a dog named Star Shaine Valioso Diamante was produced, this male was studded to a female who was imported from Estonia and belong to a kennel named Yultu who only produced 1 litter of Pyrenean Mastiffs. Of this breeding the male Yultu Urasimmo Taro was produced who was purchased and bred in Chelyasbinsk, Russia where he produced 3 daughters in total with a female imported from Italy to Russia. 1 of these offspring was then exported from Russia to the US. Fun Fact: Tano Godsend's brother moved from the Russia to the US with his owner and passed away at the age of 13, his name was Franco owned by Alex Alexeev. In 2014 another litter was born in Russia from Zarmon de Celly Diamond an Estonian import to Russia and LaGran Perla Fuzy-Dos-Cuatro a Finnish to Russian import. Only 1 litter was produced from this pairing and stayed in Russia. In 2017 the kennel near Nizhny Novgorod known as "From Aragon" had their first litter from a female imported from Italy and a Finnish Stud. In 2022 they had their second litter from a female off this pairing. As of now this is the last known breeder actively breeding Pyrenean Mastiffs in Russia. There have been a handful of more recent imports into Russia over the last few years however the breed had not gained as much recognition as originally hoped because there are several similar breeds that originate from Russia, the Moscow Watch dog being the most similar. More to come as we continue our research!

Tala Reza owned by Kennel Amanauz

Star Shaine Valioso Diamant photo credit Star Shaine Kennel - Natalia Boboshina

Yultu Urasimmo Taro photo credit Eduard Gurov

Dogs from Star Shaine kennel - photo credit Star Shaine Kennel - Natalia Boboshina

Vintage Point E-E Ice Wine - photo credit Star Shaine Kennel - Natalia Boboshina

Tano Godsend photo credit Star Shaine Kennel - Natalia Boboshina

Puppies from the first Russian born litter in 2007 photo credit Kennel Amanauz

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