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Pyrenean Mastiffs of the Northwoods - Minnesota

Updated: Sep 18


A Little Bit About Our Family Our family of 6 lives in rural Northern Minnesota. We live in a heavily forested area and soon realized we needed large, winter-loving dogs as companions and guardians for our family. My husband and I researched many different large dog breeds before discovering the Pyrenean Mastiff. The breed checked all the boxes and matched perfectly for our family. In 2019 we imported 2 females from Spain -- Cali (Ulzama de Saigola) and Lena (Adalena Serra do Barbanza). Then last year we decided our livestock guardians needed livestock! A dozen chickens later, we are teaching our old dogs new tricks. It's amazing to watch how they catch on to their new duties and find their inner instincts. The local wolves, bears and coyotes have learned to keep a respectful distance from our house and chickens!

Our Journey to Breeding We chose Cali and Lena with the intention of potentially breeding in the future. We wanted to breed for several reasons. First of all, we saw how special this breed truly is and wanted to give other dog-lovers the chance to own one of these remarkable dogs. We also knew how rare the Pyrenean Mastiff is, and wanted to do our part in promoting the breed. We dedicated ourselves to breeding the right way. So we armed ourselves with books, DVDs, and smart friends from the breeding world. We joined Facebook groups, spent hours researching on the internet, took several classes in genetics and hip and elbow dysplasia in canines. Three years later, we welcomed our first litter!

Our Breeding Program Much thought goes into each of our pairings. We breed with a focus on genetic diversity, temperament, and structure. Once born, our puppies are monitored constantly for the first two weeks. They are raised in the house with access into the yard once they're older. We safely expose our puppies to a variety of noises, textures, and eventually, people. Once vaccinated they will also go on multiple social outings. We send our puppies home after 10 weeks. They are sent home with AKC registration, a microchip, vet records and a puppy bundle. It is our goal to raise happy and confident puppies!


Litter Plans

We have no litter plans for the rest of the year as Rosie's breeding unfortunately didn't take. We are planning another breeding for Rosie this coming spring.


Our Dogs

Ulzama de Saigola


OFA Hip Score: Good (A/A)

OFA Elbow Score: Normal (0/0)

Cali is our first Pyrenean Mastiff and is the mother of our "A" and "B" litter. She is bold and confident and will let the wildlife know who rules around here! She is very sweet and loves to explore new places and meet new people.


Adalena Serra do Barbanza


OFA Hip Score: Fair (B/B)

OFA Elbow Score: Normal (0/0)

Lena came to us two weeks after Cali arrived. Lena is calm and gentle and incredibly sweet! She will go from guarding her chickens, to letting toddlers cuddle her, to snoring under the kitchen table.


A Rose E'er Blooming of the Northwoods


OFA Hip Score: Good (A/A)

OFA Elbow Score: Normal (0/0)

Rosie is our pick from "A" litter that we kept here with us. She can be a complete goof but is so sweet and gentle. She loves people and other animals and practically adopted "B" litter as her own. We can't wait to see this sweet girl as a mother!



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