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Pyrenean Mastiff History in Poland

Did you know? The Pyrenean Mastiff history in Poland. Before we get started, I want to give a huge thank you to all the breeders and owners overseas that I have been contacting to assist me with my research regarding history of the Pyrenean Mastiff in their respective countries! I cannot thank you all enough for the conversations and knowledge shared to me so I can share it with others. I do not know about others but I love this information and seeing how the breed spread across Europe and over oceans. I am always learning so many new things as I go!

Poland was a fun research project as I dug into show records to find kennels that otherwise didn't have any records anywhere. It was definitely a puzzle!


The first male imported to Poland was owned by Blanka Borowiec and his name was Campillo de la Farandula born in 2000. He sired at least 3 known litters in Poland, 1 in Germany and 1 in the Czech Republic. Campillo de la Farandula was a well accomplished dog doing agility, sled pulling and more. While Blanka Borowiec imported the first male she herself wasn't a breeder. The first known breeder based on records was Kennel Mastifland. Unfortunately we only know of the O-litter born circa 2003, the mother of this litter was Maite von Haus Vom Steraldted who was born in 1999 and the sire was Fido De La Tajadera Del Tio Roy born in 2000. Woljciech Kornak was the breeder behind Mastifland and he stopped breeding after the loss of his son. The Mastifland kennel can be found through two of Fido De La Tajadera Del Tio Roy son's Otto Mastifland and Otello Mastifland. Fido De La Tajadera Del Tio Roy sired the litter of the next kennel to be found in Poland Straznicy Tybetu in 2005, limited information is known on this kennel aside from 2 offspring Andor Straznicy Tybetu who went to Russia's kennel Amanauz and his sister Amelia Straznicy Tybetu who had been owned by Ania Kieza of Dominium Tory. This kennel only produced 1 litter. Campillo de la Farandula sired the litters of the next two kennels that showed up in Poland. The first litter was in 2005 to the kennel "Reza". The mother of this litter was Finnish import Iirismaan Geraldina. We know of 2 daughters Tona Reza and Tala Reza. Tala Reza was in Poland for a bit then went to Germany and lastly ended up in Russia at kennel Amanauz. Tona Reza showed but no known offspring. The next 2 litters sired by Campillo de la Farandula were to Berolina Bohemia Vampirelli owned by kennel Wroblolandia which was operated by Wrobel Jerzy in 2006 and 2008. We only have record of 2 "A" litter offspring and 1 "B" litter offspring of the pairing. Of these Aruena Wroblolandia continued the line through kennel Elmejor operated by Sylwia Lech. In 2009 two kennels emerged with their first litters, Kennel Elmejor operated by Sylwia Lech and Dominium Tory operated by Ania Kieza who got Arizona Bohemia Vampirelli from Kennel Straznicy Tybetu. Fun fact kennel Elmejor has the record for largest litter known with a litter of 17 puppies, although there were only 12 live at birth. This was litter "C" sired by Llanero de Moralet and the mother was Aruena Wroblolandia. Llanero de Moralet sired 4 litters in Poland. 1 of his litters was a single litter to kennel "Z Ismiru" in 2011. Llanero de Moralet is likely the most prominent male in Polish Pyrenean Mastiff history. Dominium Tory produced 5 litters in total. Some kennels that followed in the next decade were as follows: 2012 - Z Hacjendy Ewuska who had 3 litters, 2014- Canavilla with 1 litter, no offspring continued this line, z Osinieckiej Doliny operated by Bartosz and Lucyna Bieniek. 2015 - Mastiff Bolhado who had 1 litter sired by Azir z Ismiru and Estonian Import Zarmon de Celly Haya. Around this time we also have a litter born to the kennel "z Nadnidzianskich Wzgorz" who had 1 litter. A female by the name of Bella z Nadnidzianskich Wzgorz was owned by Stajnia Dzieci Wiatru. Which leads us to some of the more recent and known kennels in Poland: Cotinus operated by Beata Czepil-Golas, Stajnia Dzieci Wiatru operated by Grazyna Stenka, Osinieckiej Doliny operated by Bartosz and Lucyna Bieniek and the newest breeder Pirenejskie Rancho operated by Mateusz Iskala.

Some dogs of Poland's past details on each picture. Now to see which country I will look into next!

Llanero de Moralet owned by Ewa Kutner

Bella z Nadnidziańskich Wzgórz owned by Grazyna Stenka

"A" litter of z Ismiru photo credit Iwona Baumgart Rozmyslowicz

Astra Dominium Tory photo credit Iwona Baumgart Rozmyslowicz

Amelia Straznyci Tibetu photo credit Ania Kieza

Akira Elmejor photo credit Sylwia Lech

Cachorra photo credit Sylwia Lech

Aruena Wroblolandia photo credit Sylwia Lech

Azir z Ismiru photo credit Iwona Baumgart Rozmyslowicz

Campillo de la Farandula photo credit Blanka Borowiec

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