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PM history in Italy

Did you know? Here is some History of the Pyrenean Mastiff in Italy! While we are in the United States some may think why is it important to know the history of the breed in other countries. It is important because these countries are part of the global effort maintaining the Pyrenean Mastiff. I personally feel the more we know the better we can understan

d the efforts needed to move forward. The United states is a baby in comparison to the work that has already been done in these other countries. In recent years the main person behind the breed in Italy is Milena Mura of Murtoi's Kennel. Others who had/have a significant roll with the Pyrenean Mastiff gaining recognition in Italy are Massimo Carmine, Giovanni D'Urso, Alfredo Signorelli, Paola Longo, Nicolini Fausto, Sergio Cipollini and Marco Leonardi. The first dog registered with ENCI was Pepa de la Tajadera del Tio Roy who was born in 1982, since this first dog it has been over 40 years that the breed has been gaining increasing interest in Italy. Miss Grappeggia Elisa was among the first to import the Pyrenean Mastiff to Italy and two of the dogs was Espartco de Can-Font and Cleopatra de Can-Font. In 1991 they produced the first official litter in Italy and in 1992 they had their second litter when the Italian Champion Athos was born. The first Italian female dog to achieve Italian Champion, International Champion, European Champion and World Champion was in 1999 and was ELLA owned by Paola Longo, in many Italian dogs' pedigrees you can see Miss Longo's kennel which is Altoaragon. A bit shorter of post mostly cause I don't know Italian like I do Spanish so I had to use google translate to get some of the Italian words I was unsure of. More to come as usual! Book Reference: Il Mastino Dei Pirenei by Milena Mura published in 2003

NIUDO TACO MACHACO DE RACÓ VEDAT, with Juan in the 90's photo credit Rafael Malo Alcrudo

This dog achieved his Spanish Champion before being imported to Italy.

Ella owned by Paola Longo, photo credit Karl Donvil

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