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PM History in Germany

Did you know? Some PM history in Germany! This one was a bit of a doozie as it is hard to find info on some of the kennels and I actually learned of some new kennels along the way.

The first Pyrenean Mastiff litter was born in Germany in 1998 to the kennel De Castillo Alto that was run by Marianne and Horst Hauptfleisch. They went on to have a total of 9 litters with their last being in 2019.

Following close behind them in 2002 a man by the name of Marius Rab had 1 litter with the kennel name Augusta Alemania. The mother of this litter was a female from the first litter from De Castillo Alto and Yoni Bi Gud de la Tajadera del Tio Roy which we have pictured before.

Next came Valle de los Volcanos operated by F.Braun and U. Spielmann with their first litter in 2003. They had a total of 4 litters. One of the females they owned was Covadonga del Castillo Alto who later moved to Australia and had the first litter born in Australia. Several years later the kennel Perro de la Aragon started up in 2010 with their first litter, kennel Perro de Aragon is operated by Angelika and Heinz Mahlinger. Their second litter was born in 2020.

Last but not least we have Regina Lowenstein who had only one litter under the kennel name Von der Huhnsmuhle in 2016.

More to come as I continue my research.

See photos for details!

Asterix de Augusta Alemania photo credit Livio Toia

Curro Pireneo Arcita born in 2000 picture taken from website of Valle de los Volcanos.

Andorra Perro de la Aragon born in 2010 - photo credit Angelika and Heinz Mahlinger

Covadonga de Castillo Alto born in 2001, picture taken from website of Valle de los Volcanos.

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