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PM History in Finland

Did you know? Some history of the Pyrenean Mastiff in Finland! Outside of Spain Finland has the largest Pyrenean Mastiff population! The first Pyrenean Mastiff imported to Finland was Jariwa's Babucha from Sweden in 1984, shortly after Jariwa's Cuyo el Perro was imported in 1985. In 1987 the first litter was born to a kennel by the name of Brookhams, Brookhams only had one litter between Tiburcia de la Tajadera del Tio Roy and Leon de la Tajadera del Tio Roy. in 1987 the club Pyreneittenmastiffikerho ry was founded and operated as a hobby club under the authority of the Bull Mastiff and Mastiff clubs in Finland. On December 5th, 2000 the club received it's status as a breed association and underwent a rebranding/name change to Pyreneittenmastiffit ry in 2005. In 2015 became a breed association and independent of the Bull Mastiff and Mastiff clubs.

Some of the other early dog's imported into Finland in the early years that had a prominant impact were Quo Vadis Raul de Watom an import from Norway in 1992. This male had 9 litters and produced 85 offspring, he still to this date has produced the most offspring in Finland. Cabezudo de Cantalobos was imported in 1991 and had 10 litters that included 33 puppies. The 2nd most prominent male was Implacable de la Tajadera del Tio Roy who was imported in 1988, produced 11 litters and 79 offspring. Right behind Implacable de la Tajadera del Tio Roy is Apolo de Watnom in 1996 with 12 litters and 72 offspring. A male you may see more recently in a lot of pedigrees in various countries is Taran Maskin Junior Navarro who was born in 2010 and produced over 60 offspring.

Some kennels that followed after Brookhams were Hopevuoren who had 2 litters, Rantatuulen who had 6 litters and Tamarixin with 9 litters. These 3 kennels had their first litters in 1989. A kennel from the early 90s that we still see today is Grande Garganta who produced their first litter in 1990 and had their most recent litter in 2022. Iirismaan is another kennel that had their first litter in 1995 and most recent litter in 2021. Just a couple of kennels some may recognize that are currently breeding in Finland are Mastinero, Soy Solmente, Kuonohovin and kennel Farmlands - note this isn't an all inclusive list there are definitely others!

There is a distinct style difference you may notice between dogs in Finland vs dogs in Spain. In Finland, you can see taller and slightly lighter-boned dogs with less exaggerated features. The coat of the Finnish dogs tends to be slightly rougher and the dogs tend to have less extra skin on the head and body in comparison. The Finnish Pyrenean Mastiff club recognizes that Spain's studbook for the Pyrenean Mastiff is still open and that it makes it possible to get genetic variation in an otherwise small gene pool.

Finland produces between 60-100 or so Pyrenean mastiff puppies a year, they produce about what Spain produces which is also about 100 a year compared to the 500 or so a year puppies born in the early years.

The Finnish Kennel Club database is one of the most extensive databases regarding health and statistics for the Pyrenean Masitff, downside is it is only for dogs imported to and born in Finland. The Pyrenean Mastiff Association of America hopes to one day have the similar data collection through the Pyrenean Mastiff Database but for dogs worldwide. Information gathered from document provided by Pyreneittenmastiffit ry and from the Finnish Kennel Club Database, see pictures for details!

Taran Maskin Junior Navarro photo credit Anja Niiranen

Grande Garganta Adagio, she lived almost to the age of 17 years old! photo credit Anja Niiranen

Grande Garganta Carlina at kennel Jarambo photo credit Anja Niiranen

Cabezudo de Cantalobos photo credit Anja Niiranen

Karinosa de la Tajadera del Tio Roy & Broohams Fundador ( first born pyrenean mastiff in Finland )

Pic taken in march 1990 photo credit Anneli Mäkynen

Jariwa's Babucha photo credit Anja Niiranen

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