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Estrella Polar Pyrenean Mastiffs - Texas

Updated: Feb 7

Email: Phone: 325-733-8178


Estrella Polar Pyrenean Mastiffs is dedicated to genetic diversity and puppy rearing. All puppies are reared with Puppy Culture to ensure they are the most adaptable and well adjusted puppies prior to going home. We begin crate training, potty training, tons of socialization, and the foundations to basic training. Please contact for more details and to request a puppy application to be added to our wait list.

We are working to produce dogs who are as versatile as they should be to include doing what the breed was initially bred for as well as being the versatile companion they can be. We have a flock of 200 chickens, Turkeys and peafowl and a small herd of 7 Nigerian Dwarf Goats that we socialize puppies with. For more info about our program you can click here.

Meet the Breeder:

A little bit more about myself. I work from home as a software engineer and my love of the Pyrenean Mastiff came after I got my first dog, Adonis. I spend all my free time working with the national breed club, participating in dog sports, and providing mentorship to new breeders of Pyrenean Mastiffs. How did I get into breeding? I was looking for my next service dog candidate when I found the Pyrenean Mastiff. Originally, I never planned to breed, but after discussing with several others in the breeding community nation-wide, I decided I wanted to contribute to the breed by sharing them responsibly with others. What makes my breeding program special? I work hard to ensure I give my puppies the best start in life while also making sure I prioritize the unique qualities of the breed. I always strive to meet the breed's standard and prioritize health, temperament, and diversity in my breeding program. My puppies are raised with Puppy Culture and I provide lifetime support to all of my puppy owners.

For more info about me click here.


Current Plans:

Our Current plan is to breed Leia and Orion sometime between Feb. and March.

Patrimonio Princess Leia owned by Dale and Brian Camp-Nader under lease by us.

Hips: Fair

Elbows: Normal

Eyes: Normal with Breeder Option E1: Cataract - significance unknown unlikely to be inherited

Basic Cardiac: Normal

Patellas: Normal

Embark: Clear

A Draconis de Estrella Polar owned by Karina Whittington and Alex Alexeev

Hips: Mild

Elbows: Normal

Eyes: Normal

Basic Cardiac: Normal

Patellas: Normal

Embark: Clear



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Jun 08, 2023

I absolutely love this kennel.

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