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All dog breeds are defined by a Breed Standard. A breed standard is what makes a Pyrenean Mastiff look like a Pyrenean Mastiff. Breeders should always be aiming to breed towards the breed standard. Dogs will always have faults to some degree but some are outlined specifically as a Mild Fault, Serious Fault or even a Disqualifier. In the Pyrenean Mastiff a solid white dog for example is a Disqualifier, it is naturally occurring but a solid white dog should not be bred. From AKC: "Who Creates Breed Standards? The official standard for each breed, and any revision thereof, originates with an AKC parent club, the national organization devoted to a particular breed. Parent-club members vote on the standard or revision, then the club submits it to the AKC Board of Directors for approval. Once approved, a standard becomes both the breeder’s “blueprint” and the instrument used by dog-show judges to evaluate the breeder’s work." In the United States AKC is the primary registry which holds the breed standard for a breed. However, it is important to note that most who are wanting AKC recognition do NOT want to change the breed standard from what it is defined as by the Origin Parent Club in Spain, CMPE Club Mastin del Pirineo de Espana. Our breed defers to the Breed Club in Spain when it comes to what the breed Standard is for the Pyrenean Mastiff. You can read our breed standard here: The breed was originally accepted by FCI on a definitive basis in 1954. The first standard from our breed was from 1946 - 1982 and was accepted by Real Sociedad Central de Fomento de las Razas Caninas en Espana (RSCFRCE - Royal Central Society for the Promotion of Canine Breeds in Spain) and was slightly different that what we have today. During this time there were not Kennel Clubs or associations for breeders. Our breed standard for the Pyrenean Mastiff was formally accepted by FCI the International club of kennel clubs so to speak, AKC is not a member, in 1982. Breed standards are occasionally revised and our current standard was was published in 2002. The year the revision was published by FCI, 05/26/2002, was an iconic time for the Pyrenean Mastiff, this was the year The Government of Aragon in Spain recognized the Pyrenean Mastiff as a indigenous breed of the region and recognized CMPE officially. We look forward to the day the Pyrenean Mastiff has it's iconic moment in the United States when it reaches full recognition with AKC. It will be a huge milestone for the breed in the United States when this happens. Book references: El Nuevo Libro del Mastin Del Pirineo 2nd Edition, Author Rafael Malo Alcrudo Mastin del Pirineo Bodas de Plata... Sudor, sonrisas y lagrrimas, published in 2003 published by Club del Mastin del Pirineo de Espana (CMPE) Stay tuned for more!

Pictured Enzertan de la Tajadera del Tio Roy bred by Rafael Malo Alcrudo and owned by Milena Mura is one of the most prominent males of his time.

Thor - 1976 photo credit Rafael Malo Alcrudo

picture is of Joe Masip y Daniel Llorens with the first Champions of Spain in 1977 - photo credit Rafael Malo Alcrudo

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