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Preservation breeding of the Pyrenean Mastiff

Did you know? The Pyrenean Mastiff is the only dog breed recognized as original to Aragon, Spain. Conserving, protecting and maintaining this breed is a huge part of the history, culture and socioeconomics of Aragon, Spain. Breeders who take on this breed in the US should always respect the fact that this breed comes from Spain and we are here to do our part in loving this breed and assisting in its conservation. While breeders take on a huge part regarding learning what they can about breeding, puppy rearing, and the breed itself. Puppy owners play a huge role in the breed whether they know it or not. Without puppy owners breeders would have a difficult time in moving forward with their breeding programs. Not only this but puppy owners go out with their dogs and teach the public they interact with about this breed then word spreads. I know I personally love my puppy owners and without them I couldn't do what I do as a breeder. We must always remember the hard work of the breeders before us, the hard work of those in Spain and those associated to Club del Mastin del Pirineo de Espania (CMPE) for everything they have done. Without them we would not have this breed we love so much today, the same breed more and more people are falling in love with. We also give thanks to those in other countries who have taken on the role to also help in preserving this breed. Here in the US we are an extension of a greater effort to preserve and protect the Pyrenean Mastiff. There are an estimated 4000-6000 dogs world wide. Another important thing about breed preservation, it is more than breeding just to produce puppies. Breed preservation involves ensuring the breed meets the breed standard regarding temperament and purpose. The Pyrenean Mastiff's original purpose was as a livestock guardian but the breed can also be a property/estate guardian that protects it's family because the breed should be easily trained. Breeding towards the standard regarding physical traits is also extremely important in preserving a breed. Part of the reason I am doing these posts is to provide a greater understanding of this breed so many of us are falling in love with. To do our best we should try to absorb as much information as we can to properly educate others with CORRECT information regarding the breed. Some good reads regarding preservation breeding. Breed Preservation: Everything Old is New Again: Reason to Breed Stay tuned for more! Photos: Ostraspedrín de la Tajadera del Tío Roy born in 1982 Photo Credit Rafael Malo Alcrudo

Javier Demetrio de la Tajadera del Tio Roy born in 1994. Javier Demetrio was a prominent Male in our breed and can be found in many pedigrees! Photo Credit Rafael Malo Alcrudo

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