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PM History in Australia, Lithuania, and Estonia

Did you Know? Here is Australia, Lithuania, and Estonia. I am putting them together as they have smaller blurbs as there isn't as much history here. Australia: Kennel Breton had the first litter in Australia, the mother of the litter was Covodonga del Castillo Alto was sold to Kennel Breton already pregnant. Once in Australia Covodonga had 1 known litter. The first dog to be imported into Australia from Sweden and was Diano Av Molaslia. In 2005, 13 Pyrenean Mastiffs had been registered. In 2006 3 more were registered. There currently is a male and female Pyrenean Mastiff imported to Australia from Italy. Estonia: In Estonia there was only one breeder who had their first litter in 2008, the kennel went by the name Zarmon de Celly. Zarmon de Celly produced 6 litters in total of Pyrenean Mastiffs. The parents of the first litters were Swedish imports into Estonia. Zarmon de Celly's last litter was in 2019.

Lithuania: The first litter born in Lithuania was in 2008 to kennel Žalioji Kalniske. Žalioji Kalniske had to Czech imports Cezar Almanach and Fatima od Rivety. They had their 2nd litter in 2010 which was a singleton and the mother was Elga od Rivety. No litters were born after this until this year with kennel Kalnu Dziaugsmas who has a Spanish import to Lithuania, Hitz de Larresalkoak, father to the litter is Polish male Slawomir Z Hacjendy Ewuska. See photos for details!

Kalnu Dziaugsmas "A" litter photo credit Antanas Lukosius

Zarmon de Celly Diamond photo credit Vadim Konjakhin

Zarmon de Celly Hugo photo credit Renate Kaupmees

Rainbow photo credit Kennel Breton

Wally photo credit Vicki Ross

Several Breton Pyrenean Mastiffs at a dog show photo credit Kennel Breton

Breton Grande Y Grato photo credit Kennel Breton

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