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Patrimonio Pyrenean Mastiff, located in Pennsylvania. 5707022307

Updated: Nov 22, 2023

Puppies Available 11/22/2023

The home of Patrimonio Pyrenean Mastiffs is located on an Equestrian Farm in Montrose, PA. I have been breeding and showing Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for almost 30 years, but more recently after an increase in natural predators on the farm which had been attacking my chickens, sheep and goats, I became more concerned not only for the increase in risk for my livestock, I was alarmed for my Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

I was fortunate enough through my access to the dog show world to meet and greet and get informed on the different Livestock guardian dogs, it was essential that my future LGD, was gentle enough for my Cavalier King Charles dogs and puppies, and for the children who attend the farm for 4H functions and riding lessons. After many months I was introduced to the Pyrenean Mastiff. The fit was perfect, and this magnificent breed checked all my boxes.

My first Pyrenean Mastiff came from the Murtois kennel in Italia and the next came from a Kennel in Spain, from there it has been history.

I am proud to be able to say that I have shown my Pyrenean Mastiffs and have won many classes and obtain the certificate of merit on a few of my dogs. I am always striving not to just show and breed beautiful Pyrenean Mastiffs, but healthy ones as well. All Patrimonio breeding stock in both are rigorously health tested to check for defects prior to breeding in the hope of producing physically sound puppies. My commitment to the future health of this breed has perhaps slowed down to ensure that I take the time to find the correct dog to use in the process of producing a the healthiest puppies, I do not consider breeding as a race to the "finish" line, or to produce the most puppies each year. The vast majority of any breeder's puppies are sold as family companions. The most important aspect for any family must be a long lived, healthy and temperamentally sound dog, thus health and temperament are paramount in my breeding program. The Pyrenean Mastiff Association of America is the National Club for Pyrenean Mastiffs, which I believe in and choose to support due to the stringent Code of Ethics that has been written for the protection of the Pyrenean Mastiff. The Pyrenean Mastiff in the USA and also the club is relatively new, I have been associated with the PMAA since the beginning and I have seen the Club grow in leaps and bounds, accomplishing many new programs designed to encourage careful breeding, setting the highest standards of excellence for the protection and welfare of the breed. The PMAA is unique in that it encourages, not only the breeder members, but also strives to help the pet owner-members to fully participate in Club seminars and other decisions.

After educating yourself, as we expect you to be on the breed qualities, temperament, and expectations of care of one of our family members and you are still interested and qualified, it is important for you to know a few things about a Patrimonio Pyrenean Mastiff.

  • We only breed two or three times per year. Our efforts in breeding are simply to improve our breeding program with puppies we have bred. In other words, we are breeding for puppies that are always better than their parents.

  • We breed first and foremost for health (although due to the genetics and raising of dogs, we and NOONE can make lifelong health guarantees).

  • You will become an extended part of our family.

  • We expect to attempt breeding ONLY ONE or TWO LITTERS of Pyrenean Mastiffs each year.

  • If you are interested in Breeding and Showing one of our DOGS, please let us know upfront as the obligation on both sides is much greater and the availability of these puppies is EXTREMELY limited.

  • We make decisions on placement of our SHOW or PET Pyrenean Mastiffs at 8 weeks, but our decision is sometimes not final until several weeks later.

  • We do show often in the NE of America, we can look at our show schedule and let you know if you'd like to meet us at one of the shows or you may make arrangements to visit us at the farm.

  • If we don't have puppies, we probably know of someone that does... it NEVER hurts to just ask.

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