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Meet the Board: Vice President

My name is Roberta Stewart and I am serving as Vice President of PMAA until the 3rd election cycle in 2025. I have more than 18 years of experience owning and breeding PMs as well as 30+ years of non-profit leadership and advocacy experience, and feel I am a good fit to represent the interests of the breed and of the club to engage both current and new members.

My family welcomed our first Pyrenean Mastiff, Monty, in 2003 and we have never looked back! We have shared our home with PMs from Spain, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, the Czech Republic and right here in the US. Our PMs are part of the family, they sleep on the couch, lounge by the pool and do their best to find the ‘high-ground’ so they can watch over their charges, whether that has been our children and their friends or our critters (although they are exposed to the livestock - alpaca, horses, goats and in the past chickens, they do not live with them 24/7).

We have been breeding PMs for about 15 years, our kennel is Pyrenean Mastiffs of Hidden Meadow, and have had puppies go to families and farms from Washington State to Georgia and Vermont to Texas and many places in between. We just welcomed our "G" litter into the world in September 2022. And although showing our dogs is not my favorite way to spend a weekend -we do it to further the efforts of the club and we are always happy meet other PM owners!

We enjoy sharing our knowledge of the breed with dog fanciers as well as the folks we meet on our day to day outings to Home Depot or walking through town. We are committed to ensuring the breed continues to thrive and flourish while advocating for responsible ownership and breeding.

In my life outside of dogs and family I work as the CEO of Apex Community Care, a non-profit serving people with Substance Use and Mental Health disorders, people living with HIV and we just opened a medical practice providing primary care for underserved and disenfranchised communities. I have led the agency since 1996 growing from a staff of 5 to nearing 40 with local, state and federal funding with a budget of $3.5 million. I serve as leadership on multiple statewide planning bodies and love all opportunities to collaborate.

I look forward to working with everyone as we look towards the future of PMAA and make it a great club that will benefit the Pyrenean Mastiff community. Pictured is my husband Scott with one of our import Pyrenean Mastiffs when he traveled to Spain to pick him up.

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