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Hungary to the Czech Republic with a touch of Slovakia history. Some Pyrenean Mastiff History!

Updated: May 17, 2023

Hungary has had Pyrenean Mastiffs since 1993, though we do not know of any current active breeders in Hungary one known breeder was Kennel Andraspusztai. The first dog recorded with the Hungarian Kennel club was Liosian de Moralet. In 1996 Hercules del Castillo de Ali and Nioga del ‘Estany welcomed a litter of 18 puppies which is 1 larger than the originally thought largest PM litter of 17 out of Poland.

From this litter of 18 in Hungary, Andraspusztai Hillary became the first Pyrenean Mastiff in the Czech Republic after being purchased by kennel Farma Stekot. In 1998 Farma Stekot then imported Szepremenységi Corrado another dog from Hungary who was produced by the President of the Hungarian Club. Corrado’s parents were Bingo de la Tajadera del Tio Roy and Donna Izbegi Mennydorgo.

Also in 1998, on May 16, the first litter of Pyrenean Mastiff litter was born in the Czech Republic to the Kennel Pireneo Arcita, parents Africano de Font Roja and Asia de Serratus. Later that same year in September the first litter was also born to kennel Farma Stekot, parents Andraspusztai Hillary and Pachuco de Moralet. In 1999 Izbégi Menydörgö Eritrina was imported from Spain to the Czech Republic and later had Farma Stekot’s D litter with Andráspusztai Hádesz. Following in 2000 the Hungarian male Boszporuszi Naptüz Pimpernel sired the C litter of Farma Stekot, where Colita Farma Stekot became the first registered female Pyrenean Mastiff in Slovakia in 2002 to kennel Lumini.

In 2000 kennel Almanach has their first litter between Asia Dos Pirineo Arcita and Voltor Negro de Moralet. Following in 2001, kennel Bohemia Vampirelli purchased their first Pyrenean Mastiff, Alba Od Rivety. Alba’s mother was originally owned by Kennel Arcita but sold during the pregnancy to kennel Od Rivety in the Czech Republic, starting the first litter for kennel Od Rivety.

Colita Farma Stekot produced the first litter in Slovakia in 2002 . The father of the puppies is the dog Szepremenységi Corrado. Puppies were born in Slovakia in 2002 in Lumini kennel, managed by Mr. Miroslav Moťovský.

In 2003 Farma Stekot imported a male from California named Džejar de la Tierre Alta from Karin Graefe.

By 2004, there were approximately 180 Pyrenean Mastiffs known in the Czech Republic. Dogs continued to be imported into the country for breeding from Finland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Spain and more. Amongst these dogs there was Weurlan Big Ben, Szepremenysegi Hella and Dog Gordon, Murtoi’s Bongo, Pepita del Mostin, Illun de Saigola, Amanda v.d. Bollert, Gonzales du Mas Canigou and more.

In 2008 kennel Elbe Valley had their first litter off of Benigno Valle de los Valcanso and Florita Bohemia Vampirelli. Other kennel names you may hear of in relation to the Czech Republic include Forever Drem, Los Hafanos and Avian Star.

"Kennel Almanach 'A" Litter, photo credit Hana Malcova

Freddy Alamanach, photo credit Hana Malcova

Amanda v.d.Bollert, import from Holland to the Czech Republic, owned by Gabriela Richtrova, photo credit the Moloss Club CZ

Gonzales du mas Canigou, photo credit Hana Malcova

Beatrix from the Elbe Valley, photo credit Hana Malcova

Dorothea Almanach, photo credit Hana Malcova

Angel dos Pirineo Arcita, photo credit Hana Malcova

Asia dos Pirineo Arcita, photo credit Hana Malcova

Big Ben Werlaun, owned by Lukas Certik photo credit Moloss Club CZ

Hella Szepremenysegi, owned by Lukas Certik photo credit Moloss Club CZ

Umberta Lilly de Cabeso Roig, owned by Veronika Umlaufova, photo credit Moloss Club CZ

Jalta Bohemia Vampirelli, Owned by Ivana Hercikova, photo credit Moloss Club CZ

Mississippi Bohemia Vampirelli, owned by Klara Bartunkova, photo credit Moloss Club CZ

Veget Farma Stekot, owned by Lukas Certik photo credit Moloss Club CZ

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