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AKC Registration and the Pyrenean Mastiff

Did you know? When we began the adventure of AKC recognition it was requested to AKC to allow dogs with a PMCA pedigree to be registered with AKC. The AKC FSS studbook is still open to those who have a 3 generation pedigree from PMCA. A few people have already taken advantage of this opportunity. This is for limited time and we do not have a date in place to close out this opportunity. So for those interested below is a link to the AKC application: This same application can be used for dogs imported and have an export pedigree. Registering with AKC helps us with the process of moving forward towards full breed recognition in the US. In 2021 we had 33 known puppies born into AKC (both parents registered with AKC and offspring registered). In 2020 we had 22 known puppies born into AKC In 2019 we had 7 known puppies born into AKC As of last update there are 93 dogs with 3 generation pedigrees registered with AKC. 150 is the requirement needed to move up to the next step. After than it is 350 dogs needed as a requirement to gain full recognition. There are an estimated 300-600 Pyrenean Mastiffs in the United States, numbers are hard to count to get an ideal estimate as much of the PMCA information on dogs is unknown. There are approximately 117 dogs known and recorded in the public database born in the US between 2012-2022 but we known this number should be closer to 300 at least. Public database link:

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