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Rock-N-Woods Farm & Kennel

Rock-n-Woods Farm & Kennel is a 40 ac forest, nature preserve, bird sanctuary, with a small herd of New Zealand Kiko goats.  When we retired and relocated to Tonasket, Washington we were blessed to find this paradise in the Highlands of Washington State on the Canadian border.


That was in 2019 when we researched and discovered the Pyrenean Mastiff (PM) bred.  We needed a Livestock Guardian Dog to protect our family, and goats from a very high predator load.  That is when we acquired our first PM and stud dog, Pido Au Domaine De Peychec (Chewbacca).  He has guarded our goat herd since he arrived under the tutelage of our “ole farm dog, Chuck”.  He is the sweetest, most gentle/docile dog we have ever had, and is a joy to share our lives with.


In 2021 Chewbacca’s first daughter was born, Patrimonio Princess Leia.   We added Leia to our “pack” with the goal of continuing she and Chewbacca’s "Bertok De El Paso Del Oso" bloodline here in the U.S.


We are planning to breed Leia once all of her required testing has been completed.  Stay turned. The puppies will be raised inside our log home with the Puppy Culture model and exposed to our numerous farm and exotic animals.




Dale & Brian Camp-Nader

Rock-n-Woods Farm & Kennel

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