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PM History in the Netherlands

Did you know? History of the Pyrenean Mastiff in the Netherlands We know the first known import to the Netherlands was Sandor in 1987 by Ruud Buddenberg as mentioned in another post. Ruud Buddenberg has been the longest standing member of the PM community in the Netherlands. However due to a the lack of documentation we can only see the initial appearance in the Netherlands starting in 1995: A male from Jon Laparra’s kennel was imported: Deleander de Monte Gorbea. About the same period two PM’s were imported from France to Netherlands, both from famous kennel ‘de la Montagne aux Ours’: Macuzena and Ladino de la Montagne aux Ours. Out of these two dogs the first litter in the Netherlands was born, breeder van der Wal: kennelname ‘van het Poeldiep’. Note: Only about half of the imports were and are registered at NHSB, the Dutch Kennel Club. Later in 1999 Deleander bred a Spanish import ‘Hony You de Wela Brillante in the kennel ‘vom Haus von Steraldted’, owned by Peter van Montfoort, he also became a specialized judge in Molosser breeds. This breeding produced the first out of 3 litters at ‘vom Haus von Steraldted’. A few imports followed: Biurk de Larrunza, who had most influence in Dutch PM history with 3 litters and two more dogs from ‘de la Montagne des Ours’. One of them was Reina, who had 2 litters from Biurk de Larrunza. Jannie de Hey imported 2 litter mates from famous Finnish kennel “Massivo”, owned by Anja and Jorma Niiranen. In 2002 there were some imports from Belgium, v.d. Bosduin, and the second litter in kennel vom Haus vom Steraldted was born. In 2003 the first out of two litters in kennel v.’t Quiviverdal was born out of Biurk de Larrunza X Reina de la Montagne des Ours. Year later Biurk mated Krisna del Paso del Oso (import from Spain to the Netherlands) at kennel von Haus vom Steraldted. Biurk and Reina’s second litter was born in 2004: from this litter Barosso Brando was born, who was only bred once in Germany. From his offspring there were two females imported to the Netherlands, later also a grandchild. With these females there were several attemps to have litters, without any luck. There were also imports from Italy, Czech Republic, and Sweden by that time. Out of two who were imported from Italy to the Netherlands, Murtoi’s XaresBeppe and Perla del Mostin, there was a litter of 10 puppies born in 2010, kennel v.d. Bollert, Anja van der Roest. None of the offspring were used for breeding. Throughout the following years there were imports from Italy, Spain and Finland. In 2018 the Finnish import Mastinero Peppermint Patty “Pippa”, owned by Paul Stijns, had a litter from French Champion male Jabali des Matins de LÁube at kennel Mostin Aragoleon, nowadays this is the only kennel breeding Pyrenean Mastiffs in the Netherlands. Recently Mostín Aragoleon imported a daughter from Mostin Aragoleon Alvaro X Bulla del Mostin from Finland: Mastinero Ylva Pepintyttö. From 2018 until now there were some imports from Finland, France, and Spain; only few of them were registered and hopefully they will be used for breeding in future.

A big thank you to Paul Stijns for this information for my history series!

See pictures for details. More to come!

Mastinero Peppermint Patty 'Pippa' with her puppies photo credit Paul Stijns

Barosse Brando v.'t Qiuviverdal photo credit Paul Stijns

A litter from v.d. Bolert in 2010 photo credit Paul Stijns, photo from Anja van der Roest

Biurk de Larrunza with his daughter Bella photo credit Paul Stijns

Ashoc and Angel Lynn de Poeldiep photo credit Cisca Hiemstra

Quavana de Mostin imported in 2009 photo credit Sini Ter Horst-Vortkamp

Zarina van de Bosduin photo credit Sini Ter Horst-Vortkamp

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